I have thoroughly enjoyed both my RSA animation project and the Final Major Project. Both projects, especially the RSA animation seemed to help me with software that I either didn’t know much about or had never used before such as Photoshop, DragonFrame and InDesign. 

When I first began the animation project I had no idea of where to start with my project as the only experience that I had of animation was watching tv programmes. My research began from scratch and I looked around at different kinds of animation and then decided from there to work on a kinetic typography based animation. I had no previous experience on how to make an animation so I had to get used to how to use After Effects as well as learning to make an animation via frames and lining them up to be the same pace of the spoken audio. As kinetic typography was completely new to me I tried to make it look as interesting as possible so that the visuals made sense to the educational audio. I wanted my letters and words to be interesting and bright to keep the attention of the audience. I learnt a lot from this project that I had ever even thought about when it comes to animation, and now that I have tried it I am quite pleased with the final outcome, considering that it is my first proper attempt at animation. I think that I definitely set out to be too ambitious for how little I knew about making animations, but now that I have worked on the RSA animation, I would like to try my hand at another kind of animation where text isn’t included. 

If I was to do it again, then I would give myself more time for the shooting of the frames and probably use DragonFrame as this would have been a lot quicker process for me and I could have spent more time on the post production of the animation, and I would have then spent time making sure that the white balance was consistent throughout the animation. I would also try to include more ways of making letters buy making up my own letters with things such as straws or glitter or fridge magnets. Overall, I found the RSA animation project to be very fun and experimental with trying out the different software and finding out what it could do. 

In my Final Major Project I set out with a clear idea of what I wanted to do within my project, and what I wanted to experiment and also had a time plan of what needed to be done and when. I set out intending to create a book of a narrative and supporting illustrations, but I found it increasingly hard to think of a story  and because of this the story would have let down the book. After this I decided to do an alphabet book for children of the same age and then possibly add in some facts to keep it interesting for if the parents were to read this to their children, but also the older children can also gain something from this book.  My time plans had set tasks to do each week and for a while, I kept to this, but as I had not done a project like this on my own before I had underestimated how long certain things take such as learning to use InDesign and making the cover of my book to the right size, printing time,  how long it took to cut each linocut when I had decided to do this for each letter, and how I was going to bind the book, as the spine of the pages of the book was too wide once I had stuck them altogether, so I had to leave it a couple of days under heavy weights to flatten it. 

I faced a few problems along the way but nothing that I couldn’t get around, such as the sizing for the cover of the books first printed cover was the right size on the back cover and spine, but the front cover was too small, so I had to make the images into a collage again. I also faced the problem of low resolution scans and so had to re-scan my images in at 600dpi so that I could blow the, up for the A1 posters in the degree show. I originally wanted the book to be 20cm x 20cm but the finished version is 24cm x 21cm because of the way that the pages had printed, but this was not a problem as it looked better in the bigger size, and it is still pretty much square  which is mainly what I wanted, and the revise turned out to be a ‘happy accident’. 

I am glad that I decided to make all of my animal illustrations through linoprints because  they look a lot stronger than the original illustrations that I started with. The bold and bright colours and use of pattern really stands out and catches your eye and this is exactly what I wanted for a children’s book. I kept the text fairly large and used the matching colour to the animal because I think that if it was all black (like I was originally going to do) then it just wouldn’t have looked great, but seeing it printed has made me prefer it in colour a lot. Even though black text is easier to read for children, the text is clear and bold so I do not think that this will be a problem. 

I am very pleased with the final outcome of my Animal Alphabet book because the only thing that slightly lets it down is that some of the text is grammatically incorrect because I researched it and as I was putting it to the background I rushed it because I had to make sure that I could send it to print on the time that they gave me so that I would still have enough time to print the cover and bind it. I am so pleased with the binding and the cover especially and the fact that it is pop up seems to really add to the book as I think that it would probably be boring after a while for my target audience. My book is brightly coloured on every page and I think that it would definitely help children learn the names of animals and a little bit about each animal. 

Using the softwares InDesign and Photoshop were not something that I was confident in before this project, but through experimentation I have now gained skills and experience in both of these programmes

My time plan helped me a lot in this project and this is something that I will continue use because I treated it as a mini deadline each week and this helped me to make sure that I had everything planned and also to keep my work going at a steady pace. I really enjoyed this project and learnt a lot during the process. This is the first time that my work has properly came together like this and the project that I am definitely the most proud of. Writing my own project proved harder than I thought it would be, and I kept getting ideas of how to adapt my project throughout. This was one of the hardest parts of my project because keeping my work at a constant steady flow in the same direction without side-tracking to other ideas along the way proved difficult because of balancing allocated time to certain tasks through my time plan. This project is by far the best one I have ever done and I would only change the slight grammatical errors if I was to do the whole thing again.


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