Today my A1 prints for the exhibition were printed and I mounted them up on the wall using screws in the wall and then neodymium magnets to hold the prints up flat. I felt the screws sticking out of the wall 5mm so that my prints were slightly away from the wall creating a drop shadow behind them. I am so pleased with the way that my prints look now the they are up on the wall and ready to be exhibited because they finally look like a finished product, and they are all very clear images so the re-scanning in of my images to 600dpi worked perfectly, and now I know to always do this!

I made sure that my prints were level by using a spirit level to test this and also used a tape measure to make sure that both of my prints are the same distance apart all the way down the middle. I am so happy with how they look now and pleased that I re-scanned and re printed them.

Today has also been spent doing other small bits such as cutting the pages of my book to be all the same size so that I can mount them into the greyboard cover. This has made my pages look so much neater and more finished and has made a lot of difference to how they look as a bound book. Now the only thing left for me to do is to weight the pages down so that they compress slightly as the spine of the pages is slightly too wide for the spine of the greyboard cover. This shouldn’t be a problem as I now have a couple of days to let the pages settle and once they have flattened together I will then glue the pages to the inside of the cover.


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