Yesterday I printed the wrong size file for my books front/back cover and spine, so when it printed it came out that the front cover and spine were the right size, but the back cover was too big and it was too disproportionate for my book and if I was to cut it down I would have lost too much of the image.

After much stressing out and frustration and with help from Rachel, the file was resized, this time with a bigger bleed to fit around the greyboard, the file printed the correct size. I went through the pages of my alphabet backgrounds and I was missing the P is for Penguin page, so I also had to re print this.

Yesterday I sent images to print for the degree show exhibition but when they were printed they came out pixelated so I wouldn’t have been able to put them up for the exhibiton because they didn’t look great. I tried creating new files but after doing this we realised that my scans were too low resolution to be blowed up to A1 size. To solve this problem I am going to have to scan in my prints at 600 dpi to make sure that the files have a high resolution for when I edit them. Another thing that I realised I was doing was that when I was saving the files as JPEG, te were being compressed, so this was also changing the resolution of my scans.

This so going to be something that I pay close attention to when I scan the images again for re printing at the end of the week.


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