As I now have all of the pages for my book, I have begun putting it together. I started by folding the pages in half so that they are the right size and then used the guillotine to cut them all to be 24CM wide. I then cut the front/back cover and spine to the correct size and the grey board to the correct size of 24cm x 21cm. I then glued the front cover to the greyboard and folded the edges over to secure it to the board and make sure that you cannot see the grey on the edges.

To construct the pop up in the pages I used the simplest way possible of measuring the size of the animals, and then cutting slits into the paper and folding it the opposite way so when it opens the animal pops up from the page. Cutting the slits in the page and bending them the wrong way then caused there to parts of the page to be exposed, so I added the extra bits back in so that you cannot see the white underneath and this looks much better.

Now that all my pages have been constructed when they are put together they are all too wide for the spine of the cover, so I am going to have them under a heavy weight before I attach the cover so that it will for correctly. 


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