Today a few of us went into the exhibiton space to get things clears and moved out of the way ready to begin preparing the exhibition on Monday. Today we just started on moving the furniture out of the way and taking own any posters or anything that was on the walls. 

Today I sent the rest of my images to print, and Joe said that they will be printed tonight, so that on Monday I will be able to start constructing my book. 

Also in preparation for the degree show I have printed my favourite linocuts in their final colours on two pages of best quality for printing, ‘Summerset paper’ which is bigger than A3 paper but not quite A2 sized. I am very pleased with how they look and they look so much better on the best quality paper because it holds the ink very well. The prints which have the animals sitting on or hanging off branches were printed twice, with masking tape to cover the bit of the cut that I didn’t want printed whilst inking, and then I took it off before I put it through the press. I think that this worked very well because they are all lined up correctly and I thought that this would be hard to do because it is hard to see where you are printing when the lino is upside down. 

I really wanted to show some original prints because in my book they have been scanned in and so skool slightly different with the colours.  I can’t wait to get them up on the wall on Monday and see how they look. 

I am considering two ways of displaying them; as two sheets of paper either side by side, or as individual images in smaller squares, but I will decide this on Monday when we have all sorted out how much space we each have. 


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