I have spent today using Photoshop to put the text on my backgrounds so that this will save time when it comes to printing them and also so that I am not charged twice. 

I have matched the colour of the text to the animal which the background is for, to make the text  come together with te illustrations. As my book will be full bleed I have put in a square of white and feathered it out so that it is easy for children to read. I have now given the majority of them over to be printed, so they will hopefully be done by Monday and I can then bind my book. 

I am behind on my timetable and because of this I am worrying about if everything will be done on time for hand in on 31st May. As I have now started sending everything to print I think it will be okay as it is almost there. As soon as my images are all printed it won’t take me long toconstruct the  book becaus I know exactly what I have to do. 


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