I have now finished making my backgrounds ready for printing and I can send the remaining ones to be printed at the end of the week so that they will be ready for binding on Monday. This is later than I wanted it to be but there is nothing I can do to make them be printed any faster as there is a queue of people waiting to print a lot of work.

I have stuck to the green, leafy background for the land animals and the water backgrounds so that it is easier for children to differenciate what animals are land animals and what animals live in water. The colour of the text is relevant to the colour of the animal as the black did not look great on my experimental pages, and having different coloured text makes the whole page tie together.

I am so far very pleased with how these look and I can’t wait to see them printed out and ready to be bound. I have asked for them all to be printed on the same, matte paper so that it goes not have a shine to it because I don’t like the look or surface texture of glossy paper, and also, I find that it smudges easier, which is something which I really do not want to happen.

I also compiled my animal prints onto 4 A3 sized pages, so that I can print two size by size and just pay for the A2 sheets as this is a way of saving money. They will be printed the size that they were originally printed from the linocuts.


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