Today I scanned in the rest of my images and re printed the ones which were not up to the standard of the rest. I’m pleased with how my prints all look now and I have also printed the final versions of two of my backgrounds so that they are ready to be printed. 

I spoke to Anna today about my final prints to plan when I could print them and also how much it would be. As my prints are all A3 size it would be over £100 in total to print one book. I have been thinking about ways to bring the cost down to limit this so that I can have a couple of versions and I have a plan to get my documents ready in A2 size files, as they are £4 each, and I would need 13 sheets and can then cut them in halfs. Another way I can get the price down is to print the animal prints on A4 size paper as they are £2 each, and I can try to get as many as I can fit on there, or use a couple of sheets of A2 size and print all of my animals on one or two sheets. I will work out the prices and see how much it will be because I want to have more than one book. 

I have booked in some time tomorrow to print some more of my final images and then I can get started on cutting the backgrounds to the correct size (20cm x 20cm) and constructing the pop up parts for the book. 

Today I also spoke to Rose about te binding of my book and using cardboard to make it a hardback book on the front and back covers. I checked with her about how I was going to bind to see if she thought that it would work and she said yes, so I think that this will be the way I do it. By printing my front cover and gluing it to to the cardboard and the inside of the cover will be the end papers which will cover the cardboard on the inside and the rest of the pages will be glued together back to back once constructed with the pop up pages complete. 

I am planning to have all of my printing done by the end of the week so that I can bind it over the the weekend and it will be ready for monday. 


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