I have finally got round to experimenting with the ideas I had in my head about how the front cover, back cover and spine of the book will look. I wanted to do it as a collage of all of the animals inside of the book, but also keep it simple but eye-catching so that it would make children want to read it.

I am very pleased with how these ideas have come together because I am not strongly skilled at Photoshop, although doing these covers has helped me a lot to learn as I put together my work. I wanted the cover to reflect the inside of the book in text and presentation and imagery, so I used the jungle leaves background with a mask and feathered it out to make it look softer and so that the title is easy to read. I used the same font (Futura Medium) to stand out and it is also the text I have used for the facts inside my book.

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 13.26.02

I really like the look of the background with the green as a lighter green and this is why I have chosen to use this green for the spine of the book, because it is bright and vibrant and the pattern attracts the eye. I have used ‘Futura Medium’ font because this is what I have used for my text inside and chosen black because it works well against both of the black prints at either side of the text. The spine is just the plain background that I have used for the background on the inside pages, but instead I have inverted it and put a gradient over the top to achieve this effect.

I thought that it looked like something was missing from the back, and so I have generated a barcode and added it on to be back and now I think that it looks more like the back cover of a book.


I have also experimented with how it would look if I just had flat colour for the background of the text and don’t like the way it looks because it feels dull and boring to me, even though the animals border the text. However I do really like the change from ‘Anima Alphabet and Facts’ to ‘Animal Alphabet’ and the illustrated by Scarlett Colson underneath as I think it looks more professional.


I have tried this text on the original cover design that I did and it looks much better. I have also taken some advice and darkened the red on the chameleon at the top of the page because it was said by a couple of people that it was too bright, so I have now dimmed it slightly so that it ties in better with the rest of the colour palette.



One thought on “Front and Back Cover Experiments

  1. I really like what you have designed Scarlett, I have been reading about what you have done for your FMP from the start and the results (book cover and inserts are really well designed) I hope this doesn’t sound stalkerish.

    I’m currently doing my FMP and I wanted to see what other people outside of where I study is doing for there’s. One of the reasons why I chose to keep up to date about your FMP is because what you have designed is similar to what I have designed. I’ve done two colouring books that are in two different styles and both are targeted at children.

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