Whilst browsing through the Design Taxi website, I came across this article, which is very similar to what I have been working on for my book, but it has been approached in a very different way. Obviously, as this was hasn’t had children’s illustration in mind, it has had more freedom to explore what works and not have to fit it into a category, unlike myself.

The article is about Yellow Giraffe Safaris’ infographic which is about ’50 Amazing Animal Facts that will Blow your Mind’. The infographic shows 50 bizarre and fun facts about animals, and is supported by cut little illustrations of animals for their supporting facts. Each illustration also has a specific trait that is relevant to their fact, such as ‘a newborn giant panda weighs less than a cup of tea’ and an illustration of a baby panda sat in a teacup. I think that the way that this has been addressed is lighthearted and simplistic design, with a limited colour palette and interesting choices of font and the size variation of the font.

The article can be found here:

http://designtaxi.com/news/386105/50-Animal-Fun-Facts-Condensed-Into-One-Adorable-Infographic/ (accessed 14th May 2016)


I do like the way that it has been set as a long, thin poster, with a mosaic tile layout, this is something that I could consider doing to support my finished book at the final exhibition. I am not yet sure if I would have enough time to create something like this for the exhibition but it would be an interesting way to exhibit some of my prints on the wall, instead of just showing a copy of my book. I will consider what I will be doing with this idea once I have finalised everything for my book such as the front cover and when everything is printed.


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