I have spent today re-printing my linocuts in the relevant colours. I have still used the limited colour pallette of red, blue, green and yellow, grey and brown. Aswell as printing the animal prints I have also reprinted the jungle background and the water background.

The prints from today are a lot better because they are cleaner, neater and the correct colours make a lot of difference!

For two of the colours I had to mix them together and there’s were the white and black to make grey, and the red, yellow and orange to make brown. The colour mixing worked successfully and I am very pleased with how my prints came out.

The next step now is to scan them in and edit them if they need slightly cleaning up and then get them ready for CMYK prints as I am aiming for them to be printed by the end of next week, hopefully.

The brown prints are what I will be using for the edits so that I do not have to change the colour of the prints on photoshop as that really didn’t work well for me last time. Also, the prints came out clearer this time because I found that placing them sideways to go though the press meant that the linocut didn’t move when it began to go under the roller, because I found that if I placed it the other way then some of the prints came out slightly miss-printed where the ink had initially transferred and then the print had moved whilst going under the roller. Some of these prints came out darker from the previous ink on the lino, but after doing a couple of prints I got the true, single colour of the ink only which looked a lot better because it was no-longer patchy.


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