Today I have tried my hand at editing the prints on Photoshop. As I am not sure on how to use it much, I have found it very hard to do what I wanted to achieve. As you know, I wanted to scan in the prints from yesterday, and then change the colour to the relevant colours and using a primary colour palette.

I worked in Photoshop and used the process given to me of

Image > mode > greyscale >

image > adjustments > levels >

image > mode > duotone >

monotone > choose colour >

change to CMYK.

These are the outcomes of the first three animals that I tried the process with:


I am not happy with how these images look at all. I think that they look very basic and flat and boring. The lines are wobbly and it doesn’t look anywhere near as good as it did as a physical print. I like the alligator and bear more than I like the chameleon but I feel like they have become very flat images and so I won’t be using this method for my book.

I am glad that  I tried the method because it would have saved me a lot of time if it had worked, as well as it definitely being a small colour palette, but I am going to continue with  my original process of printing them in the correct colours, and then scanning them in and re printing them. I may still change the colours to a limited palette, but I will see how it looks when I have scanned them in with the correct colouring.


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