In todays tutorial, I showed Rachel my work from last week with the adding in the text over the top of the background illustrations and the various text choices that I had narrowed it down to, and her, myself and various other people that I asked for their thoughts on the font agreed that the ‘Futura Medium’ looked successful. However it was said to me to experiment with the colour of my text because the black seemed out of place as there was no other black on the page.

Another thing that was put forward to me was to see how changing the colors of the paper would look against the linoprint. Getting the prints to be the right colour has been quite restricting  to the colours and shades of what the printing inks are. To get around this issue and also save myself some time, instead of printing out each of my linocuts and their backgrounds, I would print them in black, as that is the most contrasting colour, and then scan them in and change the course in photoshop.

As I am not yet sure on how the front and back covers would look, this is going to be what I will be working on once I have scanned in all of my prints and changed them to the correct colour.

For next weeks final crit, I want to have each of my animals in the correct, changed colour, with backgrounds ready so that they will be ready to be printed by the end of next week.

Todays tutorial helped me to set things straight so that I know exactly what I will be doing through this week in order to get my work as close to finished as I can.


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