Whilst we were having our group tutorial last week, it was put forward to me that I could try printing on coloured paper to save time with watercolour washing each page. This sounded like a good idea so I have given it a go with both blue and green paper to see how it looks. 

I really like the look of the blue behind the print and think it works better than if the paper is white, with the darker, contrastin ink over the top. This is something that I am going to ask the others about for their opinions and then possibly consider whether to do this for my final pages or not. 

However I do not that that it was so successful on the green paper with the jungle like leaves because I have cut out the shapes of the leaves instead of around the leaves it gives a negative of the print in some leaves and positive on others. I don’t like this as much as the blue water because it feels like a lot of the veins of the leaves are missing even more than it has done on previous prints. I think of I was going to do it this way then it would improve it by adding the veins of the leaves in by hand. 


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