I want to make  my book look as professional as possible, so I will be including end pages at either end of the book, inside the front cover. I have decided on the overlapping leaf print, possibly in different colours, but that will be decided later on.  This is a test print I have done to see how it looks but it is only one layer and in one single colour, which will most likely change to variations of green. I think that this would work nicely once it is overprinted and in different colours.

As well as using this cut for book end pages, I am going to also use it as background for some animals as the animals will be pop up. The background will be most probably in green, but I plan to do another linocut of just flowers so that I can print over the top of the leaves to add some colour so that it is not all green.


I have also done a cut for the background for the alligator and orca pages as I thought that the water I had around the alligator was boring and could have been made a lot more interesting. I am going to test whether it looks better printed on top of a blue watercolour background or with out, as I will also have text over the top of this so I need it to be easy to read. An idea for the background for the text was to block out sections of the prints so that they would leave blank spaces for the text to fit in, as I think it may be hard for young children to read if it was printed over the top of a pattern.




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