I have now done the linocuts for the umbrella bird, velvet monkey and walrus. I chose these animals because I thought that they would make interesting linocuts. I wanted to make them with minimal detail, blocky shapes and easy to see what animals they are. I think that they will work well as prints but I will be printing them to see if there are any changes that  I need to make, or if I need to make the cuts deeper for the fur or add any detail. The umbrella bird and velvet monkey will be printed in different colours so that the branches are easily recognisable for the children. Also if colours are different, it is easier to differentiate what is what. 

I then tested the cuts to see how they would look as prints and think that the outcome was successful. Out of these cuts, the umbrella bird was the most successful to me because it looks like it has a lot of texture. When I come to print them again for the final version to be scanned in, I will print the walrus closer together as there is a line in the middle of the print where I used two seperate sheets of lino. I have only used one colour for these test prints, but they will be two tones as the branches will be brown.

I am going to make the cuts around the left eye deeper as they haven’t come out very well. As I am happy with the way that the other prints came out I will not need to work into them any further.


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