Today we had a group tutorial and I shown the rest of group the work that I had done last week, and how I was intending to push my work to be a pop up book. I showed the three kinds of dummy books and asked for opinions and the feedback that I received was that they are excited to see how my project is starting to come together and that I could experiment with printing on coloured paper to save the time of doing a watercolour on each page. The advice that I was given was to continue making prints and to begin starting work on the final prints so that I can start to scan them in and add the text and see how it then looks when it is printed out.

Todays group tutorial was useful because they helped me to make decisions on certain things that I could not settle on and also told me that they feel that my project was starting to come together gave me the motivation to carry on working the way I was working last week because I got a lot done.



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