I have continued to do some more of the linocuts for each of my letters. For Q, R, S and T I chose to do quokka, red panda, sloth and tiger. I chose these because they are all easily recognisable (possibly not the quokka because it is not seen so much as the others) and also because they are each in different positions to make sure that my pages do not get too similar or boring. For some of the cuts I used two sheets of lino to vary the sizes of the animals to make sure that I had enough room to add detail within them and also to add to the variation of the pages. So far I think that they look like the animals and also how I imagined them too, but I will judge more when I see how the prints turn out to. I am not sure if all of the fir will come out on the quokka, red panda or sloth because I am not yet sure if I have etched deep enough into them, but so far I am pleased with how they look.

These are the print results and I was right about the fur on the first three cuts but I think that if I didn’t put as much ink on them then maybe it would work. I am pleased with the lineups of the quokka and the tiger especially because I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to line then up when I cannot see where the lines meet, but I tried to line up the lino so that the bottom was straight, and this seemed to work. I am particularly pleased with the sloth and tiger prints but think that next time I try printing with them I will add more pressure to them and possible see how it looks if I was to print them using the tofko press.


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