I have now started to make the final dummy book and then I can see how the text looks when it is printed scanned in and printed on top of the image.

From this I then experimented to see how the pop up animals would work and how they would look against the background. I have tried a few different animals to see how it would look. I have tried a few different fonts and this is how it looks so far:

AlligatorExp The above uses the font, ‘Chalkboard Regular’ and I really like the way they it looks, but I feel like if the text was centred then it would look better, but the reason I have left aligned it is because this is how children and taught to read, and if it was centred then they may find it hard to read.


This is the font ‘Futura Medium’. As this is a round typeface, I think it would be easy for children to read, as this is similar to how they are taught to write. I think this size of font is also suitable, but at my tutorial tomorrow I will ask for opinions on what everyone thinks looks better.


I really like how the chalkboard font looks against the chameleon page but I think that the space for the title needs to be smaller if I was to use this font, although I think I would have a similar problem if I was to use any font which isn’t tall.


‘Futura Medium’ also works nicely for this page too, and as all of my backgrounds are going to be similar then I think overall this would be one of my final font choices. I will see what the others think when I show them and see if they have any ideas, but so far, I think that these would be good font choices.


For this flamingo page I have used ‘chalkboard medium’. Again, I think that this works nicely with the  background, and the flamingo as it has similar smooth curves within it.


For this I have changed the font to ‘Geneva Medium’ and I also think that this works really well, but I do prefer the Chalkboard as this has the serifs and so this doesn’t very ,such link to the imagery, and also it seems too formal for a children’s book, because of the a’s and g’s, and children reading this may stumble upon these letters if they have not seen them like this before.


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