I have now done the linocuts for M, N and O and tested them to see how they print. I only used red as it was a test print to see how it would look, so this is something what will be changed in the more final prints as the colours will be the relevant colours that they would be naturally. I am really pleased with the meerkat because of the fur, and because of the pose which is quite easily recognisable so that you can straight away tell that it is a meerkat. I chose to post the nyala sitting down because I hadn’t done another animal in this pose so far and didn’t want it to look too much like a deer. I chose the most obvious pose for the orca, as I thought that this would be the easiest way for the children to recognise what an orca is, as then they are seen, they are usually in photographs jumping out of water, and I will be considering this when it comes to the composition for my pop up book.

I am happy with how they look as you can tell what they are straight away and this is the main thing I wanted to achieve as I want it to be as simple as possible so that it is clear for the audience. I think these prints will look a lot better when they are in the natural colours.



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