I have continued to work on linocuts for each of my animals for my alphabet and based the iguana and jaguar linocuts on the illustrations that I had done in watercolour previously, and as I had not got as far as doing anymore illustrations, I just started from scratch with the koala and lemur linocuts.

I wasn’t as pleased with the linocut of the iguana as I was with the illustration because it looks a lot messier and it is confusing to see the difference between the differences between the iguana, and the scales of the skin. The jaguar linocut turned out very similar to my watercolour illustration and so I am very pleased with the way that this looks. When making the linocuts for the koala and lemur I kept in mind that I would possibly be making them into pop ups for my book, and the composition could work any way if they were placed in the middle of the page.

These are the prints that came from the linocuts, and I am fairly hoary with he way that they look, even though these were just test prints and when I print them properly it will be in different, more relevant colours to the animals.


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