I have been experimenting with some prints to see how they would look if I was to make them pop out out my book. It has worked out better than I expected and so I continued to make a few more examples and then stuck them all together to make a dummy book. I have thought about doing a pop up book before, and so I thought I would give it a go by making a very rough copy, and this is how it looks:


I am very pleased with the way that this looks so far but I would add to it by printing all over to create the background and I will leave background space to add my letters and facts at the bottom page. I think that doing a pop up would make it much more interesting for children and also keep their attention for longer, as children easily get bored when they are reading/ being read stories. I intend to use lots of colour whatever kind of book I decide to go for but if I went for a pop up book then it would be easier for printing backgrounds and animals separately. I would also make the book bigger so that parts of the animals aren’t sticking out of the pages, but as this as just an experimental dummy book, I was not focusing on this too much when making it.


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