I have taken the advice given to me about making dummy books in our group tutorial this week and so I have made two books. I have sorted out the pagination so that I can easily figure out what needs to be printed where and also so I know how it will look. I have printed some of my lino cuts into the right places but not in full colour as it is just an idea of how my placements would look.

I have made two books; one with a single page allocated for each illustration and text, and the other I have allocated a double page spread for each illustration, by having a full page for just illustrations and the opposite page for the letter and supporting facts.

This is how the first dummy book looks with a double page for each letter of the alphabet:


and this is how the second dummy book looks with a single page for each letter of the alphabet:


These are just rough prints of how my book would look if put together this way but they would be in different colours and would also have a background with the supporting text around the illustrations in the same way that I added the text to the previous watercolour illustrations that I did.

Here are some of the pages with added text roughly placed where I wanted to go be just so that I can see how it looks:

As I am also considering adding some pop out pages, I have not yet decided what layout would work best for me. I am going to be spending some time on working on if the pop up would work or if I should do fold out flaps or just normal flat pages.


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