As well as doing basic dummy books, I have spent today working on linocuts for each of my illustrations. I took this opportunity to change anything that I didn’t previously like about any of the previous illustrations I had created, such as the face of my bear, the position of my deer and my flamingo to be more detailed. I am really pleased so far with the outcome of the linocuts because I have simplified the shapes and then tested to see how each of them look and how I could include a background similar to my previous illustrations. I faced the problem of my linoblocks being too small for the prints that I wanted to make, so I overcame this but adding on extra bits from other blocks of lino, but when it came to printing from them I found it quite hard to line them up so I started marking them up with masking tape so that’s would have a level line to line up; this method seemed to work quite successfully so I will continue to do this to line them up. There are only a couple of linocuts where the join between the two blocks is noticeable, but I would mark out precisely when it comes to printing the final versions. The most noticeable of working from two blocks is the deer, because it is not symetrical, but this is my favourite part about this image because when it is printed it still lines up but the lines are more curved on one side. 



I am very pleased with the way that these prints look, but I will be using more relevant colours when printing the final versions. These were just to see how the layouts would look on the dummy books. My favourites so far are the bear, chameleon, deer and flamingo now that what I didn’t like about them has been changed. I am going to continue working this way but also will be working on adding in cuts to use for the background and also something that acts a as a kind of border to the text if I decide to go ahead with the layout of illustration on one page and text on the opposite page. 


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