From the photographs that I took whilst I was at the Eden Project, I have had a go at drawing some of the shapes of the leaves that I saw so that I can include them into my illustrations for the animals that live in the rainforests. I also made up some of my own in amongst the leaves that I saw at the project because I wanted it to not just all be leaves. These are just rough sketches in pencil but I quite like the look of the sketchy lines and the off shapes. I am going to try to include some of these shapes into my illustrations because I feel that the more shapes I have in the jungle, the busier it looks and therefore more interesting.


I then continued to do the same experimental drawings but this time I used a brush pen, and I am so much more happier with the sketchy lines, and this has given me the idea to work over the top of the brush pen with watercolour to give it more colour and also the flower would stand out a lot more. I think that on my previous illustrations where I have outlined with fine-liner I will try outlining instead with a brush pen, because it feels a lot more fun to me with the messy lines. I am hoping that when I use these in my final illustrations as a background for some of my animals it will make it look more interesting than just the animal and the varied sizes will add to the busy jungle that that I will try to achieve.


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