Whilst in Amsterdam, we visited the Rijksmuseum which is similar to the Nationsl Gallery in the UK. I found it interesting because they had so much variety of work, and so much to see. I didn’t see much work in this gallery that relates to you FMP project, but it was still very interesting to see the work. I found that this gallery was focuses on art from the Middle Ages and the majority of the work was from Europe. As this work was mainly paintings of portraits, and still life, there wasn’t much influence from children’s books, but there have been some interesting works which I have taken note of for any future projects.


These were some of my favourite works that I saw at the Rijksmuseum, mainly because the colours and the skill used within these painting really stood out to me, especially the Van Gogh paintings because it felt surreal to be standing and looking at them in person because of how many times I have seen photographs of them. I also especially liked the 3D paintings, but unfortunately I have forgotten the name of the artist.


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