Today I have been playing around with hand drawn fonts and typefaces. I have used a brush pen and fineliner to achieve these letters and my favourite ones have been the thicker, bolder ones don’t using the brush pen. I think that this is because they feel more free and also link to the chains that I have used in the leaves for the animals in the jungle scenes. 

I am going to use a hand written font because I want it to feel free and easy for the children to be able to read. 

As for the lower case letters I feel that they are all very similar and so I tried adding serifs to see how that would make it look, and I think this works quite nicely, because you don’t very often seen serifs on handwriting. The brush pen would be easier for the children to read as they will be about to section it off and sound it out whilst saying it, and it is more likely to be remembered as they will be more likely to remember it because it is so bold. 

I also had a tutorial with Rachel about what stage I am at with my work, and how o would consider laying out my pages as a double page spread, with the illustration on one side, and the facts on the other. She also said that if I was to work out my page layouts, then when I continue with my animal illustrations it will help my compositions to look better. Another thing that we discussed as if I will be including any flap pages and how my separate pages work along side eachother. This tutorial helped me out because I remembers things that I hadn’t even considered yet, and so by doing this now, it will have a positive effect on how the rest of my illustrations turn out when I continue with them. 


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