I have been following the series The Secret Life of The Zoo on Channel 4 so see if I can gain any ideas for my narrative as well as looking at the enclosures, the behaviour of the animals and the personalities of the animals to see if I could then portray this through my illustrations. This would make the characters relatable to the viewer, as this is an important part of the story which I found out when researching how to write a children’s story.

I have found that watching these has helped me out with a better understanding of each different animal having certain personalities, and this is something which I think that would be interesting to try and communicate within my story.

Something that I have found very interesting is the human-like nature of the chimps, which is perfect for my story as I have planned chimps to go swimming, wearing bikinis and swimming caps. There are also other animals which have human-like traits which I will try to include within my illustrations.

The episodes can be found on: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/the-secret-life-of-the-zoo



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