For J, I have chosen the jaguar.

I have taken one of the drawings what I did whilst I was drawing in situ and used it as are for drawing my jaguars. I wanted to re-create the ‘rosettes’ of the jaguars shown in my illustrations, and so I used a similar pattern, but made it my own for this one, because I wanted it to feel more like I have made it my own image, instead of just copying it.


This is the scanned in version with text oner the top in the same font as the rest of my previous illustrations. The colour quality is not as bright on this one because it was just experimental on a him scanner/printer, and if I was to chose this process for my final images then I would do it on a much better quality scanner/printer and also on better paper, as this is only on cartridge paper. I am unsure yet whether I should use matte or glossy paper but I will make that decision when it comes to the final printing process.



Jaguar facts from http://www.ngkids.co.uk/animals/Jaguar-facts (accessed 4th April 2016)


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