I continued using the same method that I have used for the previous A and B letters, but with the chameleon illustration I have considered the composition and how the type will be placed once it is added, however I slightly forgot about this when I was working on the deer I added some trees in the background as it was looking a little bare, but then realised that I would either have to work over the top of them or work around them to add the letters and facts.



I then scanned them in and reprinted them, and added the type over the top. When I re printed them, the colours came out differently and were not as strong, so I used them as an experiment to see how it would look with the text over the top of the image.



I think that they work really well together and will look even better when the images are printed properly and the colours and brighter and stronger. I am very happy with the way that they look but I think that they will be better when they are fully printed and it won’t be a scanned image with fine-liner on top, as it will look like a final, completed image as a whole.






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