Following on from the experiments that I have been doing previously, I have now moved onto working in watercolour and considering more of the composition as well as the style in which I am going to be working. I have begin working on watercolour because it seems to work really well with the fine-liner. So far I have began working on the first two animals; alligator and bear.

alligator 1bear

I have used the watercolour and fine-liner  technique because I think that it works really well and from these images I am considering screen printing them, but I am not sure how this will look because of the varied colours of the watercolour and so this is something to consider when it comes to experimenting and deciding on my final medium.

I am quite pleased with these images so far, but I need to experiment with how it will look when I add in the facts and the letters, and this is something that I will experiment with at a later date.


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