This morning I went to a book binding workshop to help me decide on which binding to use for my final book. We made three types of books, the pamphlet stitch, the Japanese stab bookbinding and the concertina bookbinding.

The Pamphlet Stitch  


Japanese Stab Bookbinding 

Concertina Bookbinding



So far, I think that I will most likely be using the pamphlet stitch to mind my book because  the Japanese stab method would not enable the book to be completely opened and flat, and the concertina method would possibly be suitable, but I would need to consider if I will be doing a fold out/ flap book, and so doing the concertina method would be harder to make flaps and fold outs with and may also confuse the child, as they may not have seen a book bound like this before. I may change my mind, but for now, I will be using the pamphlet stitch as I don’t want the binding to distract from the facts or illustrations.


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