I went to the Eden Project and found that inside one of the ‘biomes’ was an artificial rainforest which was very relevant to some of my illustrations because the climate suits some of my chosen animals and fits into my illustrations. I took photographs so that I could reference these kinds of leaves, plants and flowers in my work, in illustrations for animals which live in rainforests. I have found this very useful when it comes to my illustrations such as ‘C is for Chameleon’ and ‘I is for Iguana’. They helped me to show the animals in their natural habitats and for the illustrations to make more sense. Also, having these different leaf shapes helps me to make my backgrounds more interesting by varying the leaves and shades of green.

The flowers were interesting to look at and I might also add a few of them in here and there to break up the green sections and make the illustrations more colourful. I found visiting this to be very beneficial to my work, as it gave me more ideas about how I set out the compositions of my illustrations.


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