When looking through Steve Simpsons sketchbook photos on his website, I came across some observational drawings of snails and chickens and really liked how they looked because of the watercolour not fitting with the outlines. I had a go at recreating this technique for some penguins just so see how it would look and I am very pleased with the results.

2016-03-18 18.24.192016-03-18 18.24.512016-03-18 18.25.09-1


As I liked the outcomes so much, I continued the experiment with using watercolour and fine liner, ink and ink and fine liner. I am so pleased with the way that the ink ones came out because of the tone and the black outline. I think that they go really well together, as well as the minimal details in the face. One of my favourite things about this is how the black ink contrasts to the white of the chest and face of the penguin. This is definitely a technique that I will be using for experiments for other animals in other experimental drawings.


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