Today we gave our interim presentations to the rest of the class and spoke about the progression of our work and how it seems to be growing as a project. 

When giving my presentation I showed the drawings which I had planned out so far and what else I was planning to do. I explained that I had moved away from the narrative and an now to create an alphabet and animal fact book with supporting illustrations to the facts. 

I recieved some interesting feed back from my peers and also some thought provoking questions. This is the feed back I was given:  


These are the images that I shown: 



As well as talking about what stage I plan to be at with my project when we come back from the Easter break; which will be having my final illustrations ready to be printed experimentally, experimenting with text layouts/typefaces, text against illustrations, so that I can begin to experiment with text and image compositions. An interesting question was about if there is a way to brand myself, e.g a certain way to draw eyes or ears so that my work is easily recognisable. I thought that this would really as something to my work and also work as part of branding mysel, so I will consider this when it comes to planning my final illustrations. 

Today’s feedback from my presentations was helpful because it gave me things to think about which I had completely forgot about. These are all things I will consider when pushing my illustrations further. These are the images which I shown when giving the presentation. 


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