I have began to plan out how I am going to illustrate my animals for my fact book in alphabetical order, but as I am not sure of how much time this will take so I may not do it as an alphabet, but just an animal fact book. This will depend on the quality of my images and how I feel about adding either all of them into the final publication or just some of them.

These are the ones I have began with and as this was a good way of working for me, I will continue to work this way and then make my decisions on where to go next. Whilst I am creating these I want to try to begin establishing my own style and put my own stamp on it. I have mainly been working in watercolour as I feel like I can get a lot done in a short space of time, and from this I can then push these ideas forward.

I am not working in an alphabetical order because I think if I did then I would get bored quickly and lose interest.


I will continue to work this way so that I can push my work to establish my own style, this seems to be working well for me and so I will continue with this.




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