Today I have been experimenting with watercolours and ideas of how to composition my ideas and seeing if it would work. So far they are quick ideas and experimentations with how I could make my illustrations relate to the text. These images are focusing on the opening scene where Rusty the Red panda notices that he could escape his enclosure by a broken tree branch, and later on that night when he climbs it and visits the other animals.

I began sketching out my ideas in pencil, and then moved onto working in watercolour, as I wanted to see how it would look in colour, and so far I am really liking the watercolour as it feels like I can get more of an idea of how the composition as I definitely know that I want to work in colour, as it needs to be bright and eye watching to catch and keep the children’s attention.

I will continue to work on these ideas to develop more and I can then build on the best idea, and I plan to also experiment with other materials and see how they look too.

Out of these ideas I like the last one the most because I think that this is a better composition but I would add more detail such as trees in the background to make it feel more completed. My favourite thing about this image is the texture of the tree because it makes it look more interesting and not flat block colour. I think I will include this technique in future work because it looks so much better than block colour and makes it clearer that it is a tree.


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