In today’s workshop with Joe he talked about the options that are available to us when we leave the university such as freelancing, getting a job, getting an agent and ways to go about getting your foot on the door for each option. 

We then did a kind of group crit of how to present your portfolio and how to lay-out and curate your portfolio. We looked at each personas portfolios and discussed how they could be improved and also how they work well. 

Another thing Joe asked us all was where we could see out work fitting into the creative industry; in terms of what agents we like the look of and we we could see ourselves working. This is what I had prepared for the workshop today: 


Today has been quite helpful as I didn’t know much about how to begin getting my work noticed as well as how to go about making money from my work to make a living for myself. Joe has given me some thoughts to consider and I will bear in mind what he had said today. 


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