As we were still not liking the poster, we decided to make it something that looks a lot more like the minimal design of the book, and so Georgina re-designed it to link with the cover of the book, and show the embossed page, and this improved the poster so much more as it now has visual links to our books. So we used the risograph to print them, and then replaced the posters around the buildings with the new ones. The poster is something that we all not like and feel that it is a good representation to the book. This is what it looks like now:

Today we made the exhibition space come together and bought the refreshments for the opening of the exhibition. Everyone except from Helen and I gave £5 towards the food, drink, cups, bowls and bulldog clips. The reason for Helen and myself not paying towards this is because we bought the paper which the books are made from, and so this was only fair as they all came to around the same amount. The money given today equated £30 which we thought was a fair amount to spend on refreshments.

We had planned to buy soft drinks (Pepsi, Pepsi max and lemonade) 12 bottles of lager, a bottle of white wine and a bottle of rose wine along with onion ring crisps, salt and vinegar twists, and an assortment of biscuits. We thought that this was the best way to go about it as there is then something that everyone likes. Aby, Emma, Lauren and I went to Poundland to buy the soft drinks, crisps, biscuits and bowls. Emma and Aby then went to Wilkinson to buy cups and then Emma and I went to Aldi to buy the wine and lager. We all then worked together to put up the books on the wall and make decisions on how to present the rest of the books as we had 9 all together, and had 5 on the wall, and the rest laid out so that the audience would be able to pick them up and look at them. Music for the exhibition was instrumental versions of songs played via YouTube as we had given thought and could not decide on one particular style, however we had agreed that lyrics may sway the mood of the exhibition and as out book was minimalistic, we wanted this to be reflected in the music played. Also, Helen and Charlie wrote a blurb explaining the context of our books to make sure that there would be no confusion about what the book is about. It explained what the work was part of, an explaination of why we chose a minimalistic approach and how we have worked as a collective to create the publication as a whole. What they wrote is very well written and also makes it clear and consice to the viewer what both our publication and exhibition is about.

We all had a fair contribution to the curation of the exhibition whether it be actually putting up the work, or giving thoughts or even getting tables. This is how we thought it looked best, because we didn’t want them placed on the side as this seemed like we hadn’t put much thought into how he had presented them.

Here is how we curated the exhibition in a way that we thought suited the minimal theme to the publication:


We had a good turn out of people come to see the exhibition, and we have also considered that as Monday’s are not a busy day in the university, so we have left the exhibition as it is, so that others can see it when they are in the building. We are thinking of leaving it up for around a week, so that everyone has a chance to see it.  Today we had more people than I expected come and see our work, so we were all pleased with that, and we also has plenty of food and drink and even had some left over by the time everyone had left. All in all, I am impressed with what we have been able to achieve within this last week, and how well the outcome has come together and also the way that we worked as a group.

I have really enjoyed this project as I liked being busy and having lots to do I order to see the finished outcome today. I think that we have all worked really well as a group and each had a fair input in all aspects of the publication and exhibition.


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