Today’s Industry Friday speaker was Tom Barwood. Barwood began the talk by introducing himself and talking about his work. He explained that he is self employed and gives talks to schools, prisons, and both in private and public sectors as well as his previous experience in the creative industry. 

 Barwood talked about how to sell your work and make a living whilst not selling out, and using positivity to engage your audience and how people feed of positive vibes. A very interesting part of Barwoods talk was about how ‘optimistic people are statistically supposed to have a longer and happier life and also slightly, mildly deluded’ because they don’t take everything as serious, and so they make the most of living in the moment, where as ‘pessimistic people tend to have a healthier, shorter life, as they are always looking at the long term effects’. 


 Barwood them moved on to talking about how when you are asked to do something, your brain automatically asks a question; what’s in it for me? And so there are to follow up questions to this, which are what are the risks and effort involved with this, and will the pay off be worth the effort? This is then what determines if you do it or not. Factors involved in the te risk and effort question are what you have previously experienced before and how well it went, whereas factors involved in the pay off will be what you get out of it in the end. 
Features vs benefits will be the facts such as how easy/hard this experience will be and benefits are factors such as will this project teach you new things or will it make you happy. 



Barwood also talked about using the positive effects of reverse psychology in order to get people to follow rules. 

 Overall, I found this to be a very beneficial talk and the main thing that I picked up in this talk was the energy that Barwood gave off because that is what I think made the talk interesting as well as engaging. It made me think about promotion methods which I hadn’t thought about before.


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