This morning we bound together our books and used the guillotine to make the inside pages all into a neat, tidy straight line, and also cut the whole thing into our desired square shape. As Emma and Lauren were not able to come in today, I have also bound their books together so that they could be cut to the same size as the rest of our books.

The poster is now finalised and finished and we are all in agreement that we are happy with the way it looks. We have printed them today and put them around the Alexon building where the exhibition will be held. These are the options which the poster team has created for us to chose from.

We are all very pleased with the books, posters and also the way that we worked together as a group and the decision making as a whole. I think that the majority of us had put in an equal effort and this has shown in the overall outcome of our publication and poster. There were a couple of times when we found ourselves to be slowing down, but once we realised this, we pushed it forward again and made up for any lost time.
When looking at the book from an outside perspective, I am not sure that it will be easier for the viewer to understand what the book is about because it doesn’t have a title or blurb or any explanation as to what it is about, however it is clear that the book has two sections to it and that they are about different stages.
All that is left to do now is to check that we are all happy with the way that we will be exhibiting our publications on Monday, place our books so that they are ready to be seen by everyone and buy refreshments for the event.



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