Today was spent in smaller groups working on organising what images work best together in order to make sure that the images compliment each other when side by side on the pages. These are what I contributed to the book so far because they are my strongest images for the development stage of the publication.

We also found a more suitable style of book which we have all agreed would work very well in differentiating between the research and development stages of the projects. The book will be bound in a Z shape, so that it is two separate books in one, with one book being one way round, and the other up-side-down, just to make it clearer that they are two different stages in the project process.




We looked at different ways that the images can work together, keeping in mind the flow of the images and that we are going to photocopy them all to be the same colour/s and also how it will look when it is bound and you can only see the two page spreads. I think that we all had a fair input on the order of the images and text because we split into two groups and had one group curating the research images, and one curating the development images. I was in the group working on the development images and the above images show the different orders that we considered and the last image is what we have decided on for now.


As we are putting on an exhibition for this finished publication, we have also been working on posters to advertise the event. I wasn’t part of the team that worked on producing the posters but, these are the ones which I had an input in. We all liked the idea of using the power symbol to turn on the power to beginning a new project which we were thinking of having this embossed on one cover of the book with the line in white and then the opposite side of the cover to have it embossed with the circle in white to show the different stages of the publication. The grey posters were the initial ones but then we realised that it would look boring on a wall and the book was a lot more exciting, so the poster doesn’t do it justice, so we then added a red gradient to add a pop of colour. I wasn’t a fan of the red because we did not have anything in this project red, so to me it seemed like it was just thrown in to make it a little brighter, and I also thought that the symbol was too fat and didn’t look like what it was supposed to be, so the poster on the right was the next creation after the given feedback from the whole group. This is how the poster is looking now, but tomorrow it will be improved/changed as not many of us like the red or think that the symbol is clear to why we have used it.





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