As I started this project by visiting the Whipsnade zoo to photograph and draw in situ, my contribution to the research part of the book will be photographs which I took whilst I was there. I am going to include a few images and then I will see what would work best with what the others are going to be contributing to the book. These are the images that I am going to be putting forward for the research section of the publication.


For the Development part of the book, I will be using drawings that I have created working from my drawings in situ and also from the photographs that I had taken whilst there for reference. I took forward and developed some of my drawings to make them suitable for this publication and so these are the images I will be putting forward for the book:

I have chosen these three because I feel that they are the strongest yet and this is the current place that my project is at, and these are also my most recent drawings. My work is progressing from rough life drawings into drawings adopting the style which I intend to be working in, so this seems to me like a good transition from research to development stage. I have chosen three images, as we decided that this is the amount we would each include so that we had a wide variety of images and contributions from each group member.


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