Today we recieved a brief for a collaborative project to work as a group in order to make a publication about the process and developmental stages of each of our FMP projects and produce one publication per person. 

We began the project by reminding  everyone what each of our projects consist of, and from here we then went onto brainstorm ideas of how we could go about creating the outcome. After listening to eachother a thoughts and ideas, we then realised that our discussion was missing a hugely important part; the purpose for which we were going to be making the book. We then back-tracked and made sure that we all had a clear purpose as to what the intentions of the book are to be. 

After realising that our purpose was to show research and developmental processes, we decided to focus on the stages of evolution within our projects and where we each currently are within them, and that we are going to show the progression of our work from primary research to how we have then interpreted this into a visual language. 

We came up with four different ideas of how we could go about creating this publication to a professional standard and paired up in order to develop these ideas. 

We thought about how we would present these ideas of we were to progress with each idea and then came back together to present our ideas and decide which ideas work best and what people thought about how we could use these to move this project forward. 


Myself and Lauren worked on the idea of presenting our publication based on the relationship between text and image. When thinking about this we kept in mind that almost all of our FMP ideas have text and imagery, and so we thought about interesting ways to show how we have each made the text and image work together. 

We really liked the idea of an archive file and so wanted to keep it quite loose and experimental, because this is the way that we are all working and also the stages that we are at within our individual projects. We thought that a fun way to portray this idea would be to have fold out pages and flaps because this is the way that research looks when it is all from different sources. We had also thought that a professional way to present our pages would be to use the risograph in order to make each of our work look like is has a link to each others work and also feel that the book as a whole isn’t just separate people’s work flung together. We really liked the idea of making the book in an off white paper with a card cover and embossed title. 

The next step in the group is to spend tomorrow choosing work which we already have from our projects to include into the publications and getting them ready for Wednesday to be put into order to make the final book as we only have a week for this project. We will decide on which is the strongest idea of the four when we all see what work is to be included and how it will look in the form of a book. 


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