Becka Moor is a children’s book illustrator and storyteller who graduated from Children’s publishing at university. Since then she has gone on to work on books for clients such as Bloomsbury, Scholastic, Nosy Crow, Simon & Schuster, Barington Stoke, Hot Key, Orion and Macmillian. She has various books published as well as cover art and publications and picture books.

I came across her work via the #clr_collective weekly challenge held on Twitter. I looked more into her work as I really like the style and use of colour and how her work catches the eye because of the compositions, colours and her use of basic shapes.

I have emailed her and she was kind enough to reply to me, (see email in a previous post) and gave me some very useful tips and advice which I will definitely take on board when I leave university and start to look for work.

Something else that I noticed when browsing through her website was how easy it was to look at her work and use the site which is come thing to consider with my own website. The white background also compliments her work as well as the lay out of the website because you can easily and clearly see the images.

Becka Moor’s work really stands out to me because of how it looks like a digital drawing, but hadn’t the hand drawn quality to it too. Her work style is my favourite kind of illustration for children’s picture books because it is fairly simple yet it is still interesting to look at. This is a quality that I would like to include in my work, so I will keep the easy on the eye approach in mind when creating my own illustrations for my narrative.

I emailed her about how I came across her work and how much I liked it, and whether she had any tips or advice for me, and she was kind enough to email me back with some very useful information.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 15.39.58Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 15.40.12

I found what she had to say to be very interesting and useful for me to keep in mind. The advise she gave me was similar to what a couple other illustrators that I have contacted have said. It was good to know what she said about not staying if the agent doesn’t feel right for your work.


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