Today I had my first FMP tutorial and I talked about my idea with Rachel. We spoke about where I am with my project and good places to start with managing my time appropriately. From this discussion, I thought that it would be useful for me to make a daily time plan of what work I will be doing and when in order to keep me on top of where I want to be within this project at different times. Notes that we made from this tutorial were:

  • Make a daily time plan and divide my time accordingly to what needs to be achieved
  • Finalise the narrative and storyboard what happens so that I can decide on what illustrations to make for what parts of the story
  • I will be doing some life drawing and and drawing in situ and also working on what visual language I want to explore and present
  • Make final decisions surrounding ideas which I am unsure of
  • Look into way to help me save time with image making and putting the book together



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