Gwen Millward is an illustrator that I came across when looking through Instagram and found her work to be really open and free as she uses light handed mark making techinques and materials and contrasting colours. Something that I did really like about Milward’s website is that it is laid out as a blog and you can follow her process in some posts, but on the other hand, in my personal opinion, this seems less professional. Her use of black space in the background is something that I think really compliments her illustrations because it makes them strongly stand out. Her light sketchy strokes work lovely with the bold outlines which she uses to exaggerate the focal point of the image.

Milward’s blog can be found at: gwenmillward.me

I find her work intriguing because of the white space around it, and this makes me want to know if the space is going to be filled in and what with. They would also work really nicely as smaller individual images that I have seen in some of the books which I have looked at for research. My favourite thing about Millward’s work is he rough sketchy feel, because it feels like it is relatable to a child as they tend to draw in the same way.



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