I have been researching on the internet about children’s surveys collected via parents to do with printed books and reading and the way that they learn. The main thing that I have learned from reading the outcomes of these is that parents reported that children tend to prefer to read printed books because of the physicality of holding the materials in their hands.

I found some very interesting points that I will be considering when it comes to decided on how to make my book, and what form I am going to make. These points are theo ones which particularly stood out to me, as even the digitised households still turn to printed books for children’s reading.

‘for interactive e-books, only 30% of parents said that their child prefers using them for reading for pleasure, and 34% for educational reading. Only 15% of parents said that children prefer using simple e-books for reading for pleasure and educational reading.’

‘The research also revealed that “even highly digitised households” prefer to use print books for children’s reading. Although 92% of parents and 73% of children were said to be confident users of technology, only 19% of children use an e-reader daily and 57% never use one despite having one in the home.’

The findings from this survey back up some of what I was referring to in other articles that I had found when researching for my dissertation. I found it interesting to know about statistics because then I can use this information to make my own project better adapted for children, and when deciding on how I should present my book, this research is what I will refer to.

http://www.thebookseller.com/news/children-prefer-print-books-e-books-survey-finds-322447 (accessed 5th February 2016)


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