As I have some ideas of which directions I want to take my drawings and how I want them to look, I have noted down my ideas to make sure that I don’t forget them and also I can get started on bring my ideas together to create roughs of how my illustrations look in my mind. As this is just a starting place for development, I have just began jotting ideas down and then from this I will build on my ideas to move them forward and see what mediums would look best once I have my final designs. So far, I have ideas to experiment with different materials and see if I could combine them together and how this would look. 

These were just so quick ideas whilst I had them in my head, and I will develop them but beginning to rough draw my images and plan/ consider composition for how they will look. At this stage I am going to be working primarily in pencil and see how my work develops. 


These ideas are just the risk nes that come into my head, but I can already picture how I want them to look. 


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