Today’s industry Friday talk was by  Emily Rudge who has undertaken many roles of being a producer. She had a background of graduating with a BA in Film & Television Studies from Bournemouth in 2006, and since ahs worked on TV advertisements, theatre works, artists films, live events and moving image. 

Rudge began her talk with introducing what he job role is and the areas that she also has experience from. She is currently working at Iconociast as a producer. Rudge explained about some of the recent work she has recently taken part in including a music video for a London based band and also her time spent working on shows such as Midsummer Murders and Agatha Cristies Poirot. 

Rudge spoke about one of her works winning a D&AD. 

Points that Ridge gave I order to be a successful producer were: 

  • Be organised
  • Have excellent communication skills 
  • Be very good with people 
  • Be good at negotiation 
  • Be self motivated have a good understanding of scheduling and time 
  • Consider legal requirements 
  • and know about health and safety and insurance. 

Rudge then showed us two more  of the films that she has worked on including an artist  film called  ‘Blue Roses’.


Although I wasn’t a fan of the work that Rudge showed us, I did find some of the points she was talking about to be interesting and most probably relevant for when I start looking for work. 


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